Shelly W. Gable:

Editing, Writing, and Web Design Services

The Process


To start a relationship, I like to set up an initial meeting to discuss the specifics of what the client is looking for, which I then turn into a written proposal that includes the price of my services.


For smaller jobs, there is a standard hourly rate. There is a minimum one hour charged at that rate, and any time that exceeds that hour is prorated. For larger projects, it is often easier to arrange a flat rate rather than bill in hourly increments. In such cases, the work is presented to the client for final approval before payment is received. If payment is made by check, the client will receive the work once the check has been approved through the bank. If payment is made through PayPal, the work will be presented as soon as the funds are posted.


I have worked with business owners on a small, local scale as well as those on a large, international corporation level. I have interviewed military officers, restaurant owners, non-profit directors, city officials, and many more.