the Hilfiker Foundation Respect, Honor, Comfort, Care, Hope, and Continued Love

As we grow older, the comfort of familiar surroundings, home, and family are what we hope to have. Many of us fear we will not, and many of us do not, have these basic and very human needs.


The Hilfiker Foundation is dedicated to providing education, help, and support to the elderly so that a comfortable, safe, autonomous lifestyle is maintained until the end.


We provide information on how to make your home safe and how to increase caregiver involvement as your needs increase. We also show you how this is feasible for almost everyone to do while remaining in the comfort and familiarity of home.


Don’t fear that you or your loved one’s last days will be miserable and lonely. Let us help you find a way.


And please contribute to The Hilfiker Foundation so that others may have Respect, Honor, Comfort, Care, Hope, and Continued Love.