the Hilfiker Foundation Respect, Honor, Comfort, Care, Hope, and Continued Love



The Hilfiker Foundation's mission is to enable seniors who desire to remain in their homes to do so when their only other choice is a nursing facility. We will provide financial assistance to those who qualify and for whom the financial burden is the primary deterrent for staying in their own home.


We will provide educational material to those who need to know how they can accomplish staying at home in their final days without feeling they are a burden to others.


In allowing seniors in the last days of life to maintain their ability to live in their own home, we will contribute to the overall good of the community by reducing home falls, mismanagement of medications, and other similar mishaps. We will promote the maintenance of comfort, care, and dignity of the individual in his or her comfortable and known environment. Hence, the burden to the community of hospital and emergency room visits will be reduced.




We will obtain funding through private donations, fundraising, and grants in order to establish an endowment, which will be used to assist families and seniors to remain in their own homes and enjoy the comforts, environment, and routine that they have established. We will assist in providing funding for services such as in-home care, advocacy, education counseling, and in-home modification.


Funds will be distributed after application review and assessment of need have occurred.


This review will be conducted by the Board of Trustees, who are qualified members of the community and are without conflict of interest. The advice of content experts will be utilized as deemed necessary.


The Hilfiker Foundation is a non-profit organization and under 501(c) status with the Department of the Treasury.